Training at the school Bellouet Conseil

Come and meet me if you so wish at the school Bellouet Conseil from Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th March for a training course of three days. We will create together a range of Bakery products : Stoneground flower tarts ; chocolate Baguettines ; Foccacia with Pesto ; Foccacia with tomato flakes and poppy seed ; Rye flour tart on natural leaven ; Baguettes with vegetables ; Bread with orange and aniseed…DSC_0193Baguettine Chocolat

and Sweetbreads like : ‘Douceur des Iles’ – Craquantine Poires Caramel-Délice d’Automne Brioche with chocolate- Croissant- Roulé mangue-passion- chocolat, Caprice de Bretagne… and many others…