My background

    I am of Breton origin and the son of a village baker. I began my career as a pastry apprentice and then concentrated on bakery. After gaining my Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP) in bakery, I earned my Masters Certificate in Vannes . I have been teaching bakery now for 25 years at a technical school in central Brittany.

At the age of 26 I entered my first competition. In 1997 I came first in the European Cup competition , second in the 1999 World Cup and I won the prestigious ‘Best Tradesman in France’ title in 2000.

As a tradesman of experience , I am happy to teach my trade in France and in numerous countries around the world in the role of ‘Technical Advisor ‘ to bakeries, pastry shops and restaurants.

In 2009 I embarked upon a new personal and professional venture in the Land of the Rising Sun. Together with a Japanese partner ‘Boulangerie Pompadour’ we opened a Boulangerie à la Francaise in Tokyo in April 2012.

The latest challenge for 2020 is the production of a book « Passion et Tradition Boulangères » published by « Bellouet Conseil »

_ Ludovic Richard _